Invisalign Costs & Payment Plans

Invisalign costs and payment plans in Oakleigh

We know the cost of Invisalign invisible braces can be an investment, so we work with you to develop a price and a payment plan which matches your budget.

We also know that each patient who comes us for Invisalign clear braces treatment has a unique set of teeth-straightening needs. Some patients require treatment for a short time, with minor teeth movement. However, other patients will need a comprehensive treatment course which could take upwards of two years.

It’s important to remember that every dental practice receives the same clear plastic aligners from the Invisalign global headquarters. Because of this, every dental practice providing Invisalign has the same product costs. Cheap Invisalign costs, therefore, come out of the level of ongoing attention during treatment. At our Oakleigh dental practice, we don’t compromise on patient care, so our Invisalign prices factor in the excellent care you’ve come to expect from any visit to our dental clinic.

Some patients may also be considering the costs of clear plastic braces against the cost of traditional metal braces. It’s a good idea to weigh up an Invisalign vs braces cost analysis when choosing to straighten your teeth, and we can provide all the price and product information you need.

Invisalign payment plans

Because of these differences, there’s no ‘one-size fits-all’ price for invisible braces treatment. We have a range of payment plans available at our Oakleigh dental clinic, so paying for a treatment such as Invisalign becomes more affordable and easier to manage. A personalised payment plan may be cheaper for you than you had initially thought! If you’re a private health insurance member, you may be eligible for rebates for some of the course costs. Please speak with our friendly and knowledgeable reception staff to learn more about Invisalign costs and payment plans.