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Ceramic braces in Oakleigh

Patients can say goodbye to ‘tinsel teeth’ and hello to a winning smile when fitted with ceramic braces at our Oakleigh clinic! As the braces are manufactured from white or transparent ceramic material, they are less visible than metal braces as they blend with the natural tooth colour. 

Ceramic braces serve the same purpose as traditional metal braces, in that they are a tool which corrects complex orthodontic issues. Just like traditional metal braces, ceramic braces control the movement of every individual tooth. As such, ceramic braces have a high degree of accuracy.  

Just like traditional metal braces, each ceramic bracket is affixed to a tooth and connects to the next one with a long metal wire. Patients coming to our Oakleigh clinic now have the choice to wear white or transparent ceramic brackets with a white metal wire, instead of a stainless-steel-coloured wire. Having a white wire makes the braces even less outwardly visible than traditional metal braces. 

How do ceramic braces work?

Ceramic braces work by using ceramic brackets, affixed to each individual tooth with strong orthodontic glue. The dentist links each bracket to the next one using a thin metal wire (traditional or white-coloured). Ligatures (tiny elastic bands) attach the wire to each bracket within the line of braces.

We schedule regular maintenance and adjustment appointments for approximately six weeks to closely monitor patient progress. Our caring and skilled dentist adjusts the metal wire to softly guide each tooth into its new, more-aligned position during these appointments.

Once the treatment has finished, and the braces removed, a patient will need to wear a retainer to keep their smile looking aligned and alluring. A retainer can either be fixed wire bonded, glued onto the back of the front six teeth, removable, or a combination of both. A retainer is for life – the longer patients wear a retainer, the longer the teeth remain straight!

Do I need ceramic braces?

Dentists at our Oakleigh clinic use ceramic braces to treat a range of issues, including:

  • Overbites or  underbites
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Crooked or crowded teeth
  • Jaw disorders (including incorrect jaw position).