Lip Fillers

Smile confidently with lip filler treatment in Oakleigh

Have you thought about having fuller lips, minimising folds on the skin around your lips or correcting lip asymmetry?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these items, then making an appointment with our experienced Oakleigh dentists is a good choice. We help patients to achieve the smiles they desire by enhancing the lips with more volume and treating the surrounding facial skin.

Lip Filler Enhancement Injectables Oakleigh Before After Dentist

Lip filler procedure

In mid-2021, Dr Ron Patel completed extra training in the use of dermal fillers specific to lips. Patients love his thorough and caring approach in all aspects of dentistry, including orofacial care. When you’re a patient receiving lip filler treatment at our Oakleigh dental clinic, you can expect a four-step procedure.

Initial appointment

An initial assessment appointment where Ron considers a global approach to treatment. He may include the skin surrounding your mouth as part of the overall outcome of having a more confident smile.

Ron will look at not just the skin of the lips and the immediate mouth area, but he will also examine other areas of your face to determine if treatment away from the lips will enhance their overall appearance.

Treatment appointment

The actual appointment, undertaken in comfort and convenience at our centrally-located Oakleigh dental clinic. The treatment will take less than 30 minutes and involves a small injection of approximately 1 mL of dermal filler to the required area.

The active ingredient in the dermal filler is hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring compound within our own bodies. It’s a prime component of the skin’s structure and has active properties in promoting skin healing.


After-care instructions to monitor and minimise any post-injection bruising or swelling.

Maintenance appointment

A repeat appointment in approximately six months to maintain appearance.

Outcomes of lip filler treatment

When you smile, your face becomes animated with full movement of the lip and cheek muscles and skin around your eyes. Injectable treatment for your lips allows these muscles to move optimally and allow a full and confident smile.

Why choose us for lip filler treatment?

For whatever reason you’ve come to our Oakleigh dental clinic for filler treatment, you’ve made a sensible choice. Dentists have a detailed knowledge of facial anatomy, structure and function; more so than most other health professionals. We’ve got experienced dentists and top-quality products to help you love your smile again.

FAQs About Lip Fillers

How long does it take to receive lip filler treatment?

The time in the chair for treatment will take 30 minutes or less.

Does lip filler treatment hurt?

Lip filler treatment is relatively painless. Our skilled dentists can apply anaesthetic medication or cream before the procedure to help a patient if needed.

How long will it take for a patient to see results?

Injectable filler procedures provide instant results; patients leave our Oakleigh dental surgery with noticeably defined lips. However, it takes about four weeks for the fillers to reach their peak effect.

How long do lip fillers last?

At our Oakleigh dental practice, we recommend patients attend for a lip filler procedure every six months.

How much hyaluronic acid goes into a patient’s lips during the procedure?

On average, the amount of hyaluronic acid injected during a procedure equates to about 1/5 of a teaspoon (approximately 1 mL)

What preparation should patients undertake before treatment?

Before coming to our Oakleigh dental practice for injectable treatment, we recommend our patients drink 2-3 cups of water. Being well-hydrated primes skin to better receive filler treatments.

What after-care procedures should patients follow after injectable filler treatment?

Again, staying well-hydrated after treatment is good for a patient’s skin. The hyaluronic acid (the active component of the filler) is hydrophilic. This means it binds to water, so if the body is well-hydrated it’s easier for the hyaluronic acid to work and do its job. We also recommend our patients are gentle on their lips when undertaking their daily cleansing routines.

Will there be any swelling or bruising at the site of injection?

We ask patients to be aware that there may be initial swelling or bruising at the injection site. These effects can last up to two weeks.

How much do lip filler treatments cost?

Injectable treatments attract a moderate charge. If needed, our friendly and knowledgeable reception team can arrange a payment plan to manage the cost.