What Popular Drinks Do To Your Teeth

What Popular Drinks Do To Your Teeth 1

A drink is a typical part of every meal—whether it’s a glass of wine, water or juice, it helps you wash down your meal and leaves you feeling refreshed.

But have you ever thought about the potential damage (or benefits) your favourite drink has on your oral health?

We break down the best and worst choices for your teeth below.

  1. Wine. Whether you have an occasional glass of red or white, neither are fantastic for your dental health. White wine contains more acid than red wine, which is bad news for your enamel. Many wines also have a high sugar content.
  2. Water. Drink up! Water is a necessity of life, and staying properly hydrated means you’re adequately producing saliva, which is required for good oral health and preventing your teeth from decaying.
  3. Coffee. While the dark colour isn’t ideal for pearly whites, a single morning cup of coffee isn’t going to harm your oral health—so long as you skip the sweetener.
  4. Milk. You’ve probably heard that milk helps to build healthy bones—and your teeth are no exception. Milk contains many minerals like calcium that aid in stopping cavity forming bacteria.
  5. Fruit juice. Because most fruit juices are highly concentrated, more often than not you’re drinking something that’s highly acidic compared to fresh fruit. If you regularly drink juice, consider diluting it with water to help lessen the potential damage to your teeth.

Wondering about other drinks that may benefit or harm your oral health? Ask us at your next appointment.


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