The benefits of professional aligners

Why it’s important to go to a professional for aligners

You may have heard about buying clear aligners online. Companies producing these at-home kits market them as convenient, affordable and quick solutions for people who want straight teeth.

The DIY teeth aligner products require consumers to take impressions of their teeth themselves. The consumer then sends them to the manufacturer so they can create the personalised sets of aligners.

The manufacturers send the at-home clear plastic aligner trays to the consumer throughout the course of their treatment.

Here’s why we recommend steering clear of these aligner products

  1. You won’t have an initial in-person examination with a dentist – there will be no opportunity to examine gum health, bone health and teeth alignment.
  2. You won’t have personal and ongoing progress monitoring – you’re not a dentist with orthodontic training who can make adjustments if your treatment course is off-track.
  3. You have to take impressions of your mouth yourself – it’s a tricky and fiddly process, best left to professional dental practitioners to achieve accurate results.
  4. There are no intra-oral scans or X-rays if you choose an at-home aligner product – these images provide heightened detail to create the personalised aligner trays.
  5. If you have a lot of crowding and spacing issues, the at-home aligners aren’t effective in correcting misalignment of this magnitude.

What you need to consider when thinking about aligners

When thinking about aligners to straighten your teeth, you should consider:

  • the stability of your teeth
  • the health of your jawbones
  • the condition of your gums
  • how long do you want to keep your teeth (hopefully for life!)

The do-it-yourself aligner manufacturers won’t get this knowledge from the impressions you provide to them. 

Without knowledge about gums, jawbones, teeth stability and personal preferences, you could be receiving aligners that may straighten teeth in the short term. However, the at-home aligner treatment could create lifelong conditions that could cost a lot of money to fix or even result in teeth loss.

We’re professionals, with expertise and credentials

Remember, coming to our Oakleigh dental clinic means you’re receiving quality orthodontic treatment from our dedicated and experienced dentists. We use Invisalign clear aligners and have the Platinum Elite Invisalign Provider status to back it up.

Before beginning treatment, our dentists perform a thorough examination to ensure your gums and bones are healthy. You will receive digital intra-oral scans and X-rays to make sure the aligner trays you receive are personalised to the tiniest detail.

Our treatment rooms have the latest technology, and you receive ongoing dental care during your Invisalign treatment course. Because we see you regularly, we can immediately take care of anything that appears unexpectedly during your treatment.