Suffering from Broken, Fractured or Chipped Teeth?

Suffering from Broken, Fractured or Chipped Teeth? 1

Station Square Dental Can Help

When a tooth suffers from trauma or injury, it can break, fracture, or chip. At Station Square Dental, our experienced team of oral health care professionals can correct these issues within as little as one appointment, allowing you to get on with your day-to-day life without pain or suffering. Not only can a broken, fractured, or chipped tooth result in loss of function and a less beautiful smile, but if left untreated, can also lead to more complex problems such as loss of the tooth entirely.

What Causes These Dental Injuries?

There are a number of issues which can result in broken, fractured, or chipped teeth. One of the most common of these is due to a sporting injury, particularly when a patient hasn’t been wearing a custom-fitting sports mouthguard. Other times, an individual may have caused the injuries themselves, through bad habits such as using their teeth to open items (i.e. bottle caps) or from chewing on hard food such as lollies.

Additionally, many patients may experience these issues due to matters outside of their control, such as from conditions including teeth grinding and clenching at night (known as Bruxism). Lastly, when a tooth has a large filling in place, it severely weakens the structure of the tooth, sometimes causing a hairline fracture that becomes larger over time.

How Can You Prevent and Treat Cracked Teeth?

With regular check-ups at our practice, potential cracks in teeth can be picked up sooner, rather than later, making it easier to plan treatment. For simple cracks, we can treat these with a filling or the combination of a filling and a crown. If a crack is more severe (i.e. involving the nerve of the tooth), then root canal treatment is performed, followed by protecting the tooth’s structure with either a crown or onlay. In the case where a tooth has been split in half due to a very large crack, our only option is usually to remove the tooth completely, before planning a replacement method (such as an implant or bridge).

Do you think you might have a broken, fractured, or chipped tooth? Get the help you need immediately by scheduling an appointment with Station Square Dental today. We also offer emergency dental to those suffering from pain and discomfort, so don’t delay.


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