Melbourne dental visits during the Stage 4 lockdown

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It’s been a year of roundabouts for everyone. For dental practices, it has been a continual process of adhering to the various stages of restrictions as they scale up and down the ladder. We intend to keep you fully informed as these occur.

As of 11:59 Wednesday, 5th August, dental practices within the Stage 4 lockdown boundaries of Victoria will be at Level 3 restrictions.

Under these restrictions, dental services will continue, and patients will be able to visit their dentist for necessary dental care. Thes visits include seeing your preferred dentist if outside the 5km radius of your residence.

It is crucial that patients do not put off or delay seeing a dentist if they are experiencing dental problems.

This restriction will impact the service we can provide to you and your family in the following weeks. However, it is a necessary step as we all make daily changes in an attempt to reduce the cases of coronavirus.

Our practice will remain open, and staff will be onsite to provide help with necessary dental needs, such as:

  • sore or painful teeth
  • knocked out, broken or chipped teeth
  • lost, broken or chipped fillings
  • sharp pain in the jaw
  • red gums or ulcers
  • broken orthodontic bands or retainers
  • impacted or painful wisdom teeth
  • treatment of concerns which could get worse if left untreated.

If you have a dental concern, please call us straight away so that we can provide over the phone advice, book in a zoom consultation, or make an appointment to see you. There is no need to suffer from dental pain at home as we are here to help you through this time.

The health of you and our staff is foremost during this time, and we continue to practice the following procedures:

  • only one visitor per visit unless you are attending with a child patient
  • your temperature will be measured upon arrival
  • to minimise wait times within the practice, you can call us from your car when you arrive, and we will notify you when the dentist is ready to see you
  • visitors will be required to complete a screening questionnaire upon arrival
  • hand sanitiser is available for use before and after your visit
  • every surface within each surgery is wiped down and disinfected following every appointment.

We are a QIP Certified dental practice.

As far as we know, Station Square Dental is the only QIP certified dental practice within a 5km radius of Oakleigh. To achieve the accreditation, we demonstrated a commitment to best practice, quality, high performing systems and processes, and continuous improvement. Most importantly, we have to achieve a level of hygiene well above the standards set by law. We are committed to delivering the safest environment for you and ourselves.


Most importantly, we want you to know that our practice is here to help you when you need it. This year has been extraordinary. We can only hope that the extreme measures in place right now will lead to the outcome that everyone is seeking.

We look forward to seeing your friendly faces again soon. In the meantime, keep smiling behind your masks.