Invisalign Chewies – an extra-fun part of your Invisalign treatment

You’ve invested a lot of time and effort into getting your Invisalign product. To make the product work, we’ll provide you with a set of Invisalign Chewies each time you change your aligner.

An Invisalign Chewie is a small device made of safe plastic foam. It’s about 4cm long, and we give them to each patient who receives a new clear plastic aligner as part of their Invisalign treatment.

They come in a range of flavours – from grape and mint to pineapple and berry. Biting down on the Chewie applies a uniform force across the Invisalign aligner – this helps to secure the new aligner in place.

Find out more about Chewies and our entire Invisalign product offering by visiting our Invisalign page.