Child Dental Benefit Schedule cap reinstated to $1,052

Great news for the families in Oakleigh, Huntingdale and Hughesdale as the dentist’s Medicare funding for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule returns.

The Turnbull government has overturned its decision to reduce the CDBS cap to $700 per child, restoring the benefit to its original figure of $1,052 to be bulk billed. This shift comes just months after the government announced its change, and reflects the ongoing campaign by the ADA to convince the government of the value of the CDBS.

The Child Dental Benefit Scheme makes dental health care available to more than 250,000 children of low-income families at no out-of-pocket cost. The CDBS is means-tested and open to children aged 0-17 whose families are eligible for Family Tax Benefit A.

Last year, the government proposed axing the CDBS altogether, in favour of its new Child and Adult Public Dental Scheme, which would have cut funding to child dental health by $1 billion over five years. After public and political pressure, they agreed to keep the CDBS at the lower cap of $700.

The ADA argued that the cut would have meant around a quarter of the children accessing the scheme would not have their dental health needs met. The Australian Labor Party (ALP) and the Greens supported the ADA’s objections, and ADA President Hugo Sachs met with the Federal Health Minister for an urgent discussion ahead of yesterday’s decision to restore the CDBS in its entirety.

“The CDBS is a strong investment in early intervention for children’s dental health,” states ADA President Hugo Sachs. “It has been proven to help these children access the care they need.”

Care under the CDBS is available for children at our dental clinic in Oakleigh. For more information on call our reception or read our dedicated page on the Child Dental Benefit Schedule in our Dental Fees & Insurance section of the website.