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Turn bad breath into fresh breath

Most children and adults will encounter bad breath from time to time, but for some the bad breath is persistent. The medical term used for bad breath is ‘halitosis’.

Most people who have bad breath do not actually realise that they have it until someone tells them. One way of testing it yourself is to lick your wrist, wait until it dries and then smell it. If it’s unbearable, you might need to see a dentist about your treatable condition.

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What causes halitosis?

The main cause of bad breath is bacteria, hence the presence of gum disease and tooth decay together with poor oral hygiene can cause the problem.

How is halitosis treated?

Regular thorough dental examinations are required to detect areas of decay and gum disease, as well as broken fillings. These can cause a build-up of bacteria that is hard to clean and therefore becomes stagnant and results in a bad odour. We will eliminate the bacteria with a professional clean and properly treat areas of decay to reduce bad breath.

Left untreated, bad breath will worsen. If it is caused by an underlying issue such as gum disease or tooth decay, it may lead to severe pain, infection and tooth loss.