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Four Common Tooth Decay Symptoms

| Admin
Woman with tooth pain


Do you have a cavity? Sometimes it can be hard to tell. Although some areas of tooth decay may be completely symptom free (and require an exam and X-ray to diagnose for sure) there are common signs to watch out for.

Let our Oakleigh dentist know if you’re experiencing any of the following:


Sensitivity to Foods or Drinks That are Sweet

Sweet sensitivity is usually the most common symptom of tooth decay. Cavities tend to respond with a sharp sensation when exposed to sweetened drinks (coffee, juice) or snacks with natural or artificial sweeteners in them. If this is something you’ve experienced, do not ignore it.


Pain Coming from a Specific Tooth

Are you able to pinpoint a specific area in your mouth that hurts? Referred pain can make it challenging to know which exact tooth is causing the issue, but talking with our dentist in Oakleigh will give you the answers that you’re looking for.


If it Hurts to Bite Down

During your meals throughout the day, pay careful attention to whether or not pressure is a problem for the tooth that’s bothering you. Do certain foods hurt more than others? Does the temperature matter? There could be a cavity that’s large enough to have created an abscess near the root.


Something Feeling “Off”

Can’t quite describe what’s going on with your tooth, yet you have a nagging idea that something isn’t quite right? It could be a cavity or something like a cracked tooth. Our bites require a very high level of calibration; if one area is off even the slightest amount, your mouth can usually pick up on it.


Schedule an exam at Station Square Dental in Oakleigh today. The sooner your cavity is diagnosed, the more efficient and less-invasive the treatment for it will be!