EMS Airflow Guided Biofilm Therapy

Teeth Cleaning with EMS Airflow Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)

Teeth cleaning at our Oakleigh dental clinic means we’ll offer you EMS Airflow Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) treatment for your standard procedure. This world-class Swiss technology is quiet and minimally-invasive, using air to clean plaque and stains from your teeth and gums.

This gentle dental tool usually means the time taken for a traditional teeth cleaning appointment is cut in half! With the EMS Airflow teeth cleaning tool, you’ll no longer need to have your teeth manually scraped with a dental scraper. This means your tooth enamel will receive reduced impact. It also means your teeth cleaning appointment will be quieter than a traditional teeth cleaning session.

See how GBT (Guided Biofilm Therapy) will gently clean your teeth

What is EMS Airflow GBT? 

Produced by Swiss dental engineering firm EMS, Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is an eight-step dental plaque management and cleaning procedure. With the EMS Airflow tool, your teeth cleaning session is:

  • quieter, with your dental staff using no noisy tools
  • minimally-invasive because the EMS Airflow tool uses air to do all the hard work
  • quicker than a traditional manual teeth cleaning appointment
  • more efficient, as your dental hygienist doesn’t need to use as much power and as many instruments.

The result of a teeth cleaning procedure using EMS Airflow at our Oakleigh dental practice means you get optimally cleaner teeth at no extra cost to you. Think of our new teeth cleaning tool as a dental spa for your teeth!

Teeth Cleening Guided Biofilm Therapy Airflow Max

Oral cleaning applications the EMS Airflow can be used for include:

EMS Airflow Guided Biofilm Therapy 1
EMS Airflow Guided Biofilm Therapy 2
EMS Airflow Guided Biofilm Therapy 3
EMS Airflow Guided Biofilm Therapy 4
EMS Airflow Guided Biofilm Therapy 5
EMS Airflow Guided Biofilm Therapy 6
EMS Airflow Guided Biofilm Therapy 7
EMS Airflow Guided Biofilm Therapy 8
EMS Airflow Guided Biofilm Therapy 9
EMS Airflow Guided Biofilm Therapy 10
EMS Airflow Guided Biofilm Therapy 11
EMS Airflow Guided Biofilm Therapy 12

Why do I need EMS Airflow GBT?

We may suggest an EMS Airflow GBT appointment if you’re repeatedly coming to us with a lot of plaque on your teeth. All new teeth cleaning appointments with our skilled and experienced dental hygienist will now include using the EMS Airflow GBT program at no extra cost.

Want to experience EMS Airflow GBT?

Contact our friendly reception team to make a dental hygiene appointment. You’ll be able to experience this innovative teeth cleaning treatment first-hand in the comfort of our conveniently located Oakleigh dental clinic.

FAQs About EMS Airflow GBT

What is biofilm?

Biofilm is dental plaque – a collection of micro-organisms that grow on the surface of your teeth and gums. You can manage plaque at home with regular brushing and flossing, as well as laying off sugary foods and drinks and not smoking.

What are the eight steps of GBT?
  1. Assessment and Infection Control
    We probe and screen your teeth and gums, identifying healthy teeth, implants (if applicable) and gums. We also look for cavities and signs of gingivitis (gum inflammation) and periodontitis (gum disease). Finally, we commence your cleaning session with mouthwash to help get rid of excess microbes.
  2. Disclose
    We apply a solution to the teeth and gums, which contains a dye. The dye reacts with existing plaque, turning any deposits a deep indigo colour. This colour allows our dental hygienist to locate plaque sites accurately.
  3. Motivate
    During this stage, we show you the location of plaque accumulation on your teeth and gums.
  4. Airflow
    We use the Airflow tool to remove plaque and stains from teeth, crowns, bridges and implants. The Airflow tool cleans and polishes in one procedure in a minimally invasive way, using air. Think of Airflow as a dental spa for your teeth and gums!
  5. Perioflow (if needed)
    This part of the process removes plaque at a deeper level.
  6. Piezon (if needed)
    The Piezon attachment is a third component of the EMS GBT program. If patients need a pain-free deep clean, our hygienist can use this final attachment.
  7. Check and control
    We perform a final check to make sure you’ve got your winning smile back, before applying a fluoride treatment to protect your teeth.
  8. Recall
    Our friendly reception and office staff make sure you get your regularly scheduled teeth cleaning with our EMS Airflow GBT program.
What are the benefits of GBT?
  • Using the EMS Airflow GBT tool is quicker – you’ll get your teeth cleaned in half the time or less, compared to traditional teeth cleaning methods
  • Traditional teeth cleaning methods use dental scrapers to remove plaque deposits – EMS Airflow GBT uses air, which lessens any impacts on the surface of your dental enamel
  • Many patients don’t like the noise which occurs when dental staff use manual scrapers to clean teeth. The EMS Airflow GBT tool is very quiet, which provides comfort to noise-averse patients
  • Patients get a deeper clean with EMS Airflow GBT, particularly just underneath the teeth.