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When was the last time you had a dental check-up?

If you’re not sure, then it’s been too long. It is recommended that you have a regular dental check-up every six months.

Some people need to visit more frequently, for example patients with gum disease, dental implants or a weakened immune system. In some (rare) cases, where somebody has had flawless, strong teeth for years, the time between check-ups can be extended. However, we recommend that the majority of people get their teeth checked at least twice a year.

Think of it like servicing your car. There can be quite a bit of wear and tear in between visits that isn’t visible to you, but a regular service prevents major problems and extends the life of your car.

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What happens during a routine dental check-up?

A dental check-up is not an unpleasant experience. In fact at Station Square Dental, it’s often a comforting one. It can be a load off the mind to be told your teeth are in good shape, or to have a problem spotted and dealt with. During your check-up we will ask questions about your lifestyle and habits, whether you smoke, drink or eat a lot of sugary food, whether you floss regularly or forget (like many of us) until you have food stuck in your teeth.

Your mouth will be examined closely for signs of decay, and to test the health of your gums. We also check for signs of more serious problems, such as cancer. Some patients need little more than this, but many patients will need x-rays during their check up. X-rays pick up on any problems lying below the surface, especially with previous dental work such as fillings.

We also check for toothwear (which may indicate grinding), and ask about headaches, jaw-aches and sleeping issues as part of our comprehensive examination.

At the end of your check-up, we will give you advice on tooth care and lifestyle. If further treatment is needed, this will be explained in detail to you and your next appointment will be made.

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So, now you know the why, when and how, Make an appointment with us at Station Square Dental in Oakleigh, Melbourne. Remember, prevention is better than cure.