Hygienist: Teeth Cleaning

Our hygienists are the teeth cleaning experts in Oakleigh

Dental hygiene is the building block of good dental health. Regular teeth cleaning, both at home and in the dentist’s chair, is vital to maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

What do dental hygienists do?

Your Oakleigh dental hygienist will assist our dentists in treating patients. As the name suggests, they give great advice on dental hygiene and are experts in teeth cleaning. They’re often the ones who will treat you for issues like gingivitis. If you have gum disease, your dentist may suggest that you see a hygienist for a teeth cleaning regularly. This will speed up the healing process and prevent the infection recurring.

What to expect from your dental hygiene appointment

Your appointment with our oral hygienist will begin with a thorough assessment your mouth, including teeth, gums, and other soft tissues. The hygienist will also obtain any digital imagery required, such as high-resolution photos and X-rays to gain a more comprehensive overview of your oral health (including the spaces that are hard to see).

From here, our hygienist can determine what is needed to get your oral health and hygiene to an excellent state. She also applies a plaque disclosing solution, before taking a photo of the results and showing you where the majority of your plaque lies. This is a great way of demonstrating the more problematic areas within your mouth that need extra attention when brushing and flossing.

Finally, our hygienist will perform a thorough clean, including both an ultrasonic and hand scale, as well as a full mouth floss, fluoride treatment, and the application of desensitising agents to sensitive teeth. Additionally, she uses a sodium bicarbonate mixture to target more stubborn, hard-to-remove stains, leaving you with a smile that doesn’t just feel healthier, but looks stunning too.

EMS Airflow GBT teeth cleaning technology

Our Oakleigh dental clinic has acquired world-class teeth cleaning technology called Airflow GBT. Our oral hygienist will be using this technology more frequently, and at no extra cost to you. Please visit our Teeth Cleaning with EMS Airflow GBT page to learn more.

Do I need to get my teeth cleaned regularly?

If you brush your teeth twice a day, floss regularly, use mouthwash, don’t drink sugary drinks or smoke, and your oral health is good then no, you probably don’t need to have your teeth regularly cleaned. But if, like most of us, you forget to floss and like the taste of sugar, then we recommend having your teeth cleaned at least every six months.

Plaque and bacteria often find a home in the grooves and dips on the chewing surfaces of your teeth. These are hard-to-reach areas and can benefit from professional cleaning. Having your teeth cleaned is a preventative measure that will save you the pain and cost of more serious problems.

How often should I have a dental check-up?

The general advice is every six months, but different people need different care so this can vary. When you come for your check-up, you’ll get a personalised recommendation for how often you should see a hygienist. We’ll give you honest advice, so if you have perfectly healthy strong teeth, we may tell you not to worry for a while.

However, if you come for a treatment, especially anything periodontal, our dentists might recommend getting your teeth cleaned every few months, even every month if you have gum disease.

Your dental health is our priority.