Custom Fitted Mouthguards

Custom fitted mouthguards are available at our Oakleigh clinic

Although you can buy mouthguards (mouth guards) in sports shops, they usually don’t fit very well and can be uncomfortable. If you are serious about sport and want the best protection for your teeth, here we offer a range of custom fitted mouthguards personally tailored to you and your needs.

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Do I need a mouthguard?

If you are involved in any kind of sport there is always a risk of injury: a twisted ankle, a broken finger, a knock to the head perhaps. An injury is never welcome and there are many different ways to protect yourself, such as wearing shin pads or a helmet. Wearing a mouthguard is as important as any other protective gear, as if you knock your teeth out, they will never grow back. Wearing a good quality mouthguard can prevent painful and irreversible damage and can also help protect your jaw, as it can minimise the impact of a collision.

Custom-made mouthguard vs store-bought

For the best possible fit and comfort, you will need to go to a dentist for your mouthguard. A shop-bought one is not designed for you, and if you wear it regularly, it can become very uncomfortable and might not provide the best protection.

A custom-made sports mouthguard is fitted to an exact model of your teeth. This means every lump and bump of your gums and teeth is allowed for so that the guard slots perfectly into your mouth and feels like an extension of your teeth rather than a hindrance. Station Square Dental offers mouthguards of the best quality materials which are easy to clean and will last longer. Buying a cheaper guard from a shop may seem like it’s saving you money, but it is really false economy as it will be nowhere near as long lasting. A properly custom-fitted mouthguard will be protective and resilient, but also comfortable and not too bulky, and will not come loose.

Mouthguard care and life

How long will a mouthguard last?

If you take proper care of your sports mouthguard it will last for a long time. Even used very regularly, an adult’s mouthguard can last up to three years! If it fits comfortably and you have no issues, there is no reason to think you need a replacement. However, if you notice that it has begun to fall out instead of fitting well over your teeth, or if it becomes uncomfortable, then you will need to make an appointment and have one of our experts check it for you.

For younger patients, children and teenagers, the teeth and mouth change over time with new teeth coming through, affecting the spacing and shape of the teeth and bite. To allow for the growth and change of a young person a new mouthguard should ideally be fitted each year.

Looking after your mouthguard

To ensure you get the best possible protection from your mouthguard, you will need to clean it and look after it.

You should:

•  Keep the mouthguard in a sturdy container to avoid damage.

•  Rinse it using cold water.

•  Use soap, mouthwash or toothpaste to clean your mouthguard.

•  Do not leave it in the sun or in hot water.

At Station Square Dental, we will offer thorough advice on the use and care of your mouthguard when you have it fitted. So if you are sick of badly fitting shop bought mouthguards, or if you need your current fitted guard replaced, make an appointment today.