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Children’s dentistry is important

Every child responds differently to the knowledge that they are making a first visit to the dentist. For some it is an exciting trip and they feel like they are growing up by having the opportunity to sit in the chair. For others, there can be a bit of anxiety and uncertainty about what is going to happen.

Rest assured that whatever your child’s expectations, they will be met with a friendly greeting from our reception and our dental staff. We want your child to experience a lifetime of healthy teeth and understand the importance of daily oral care.

Childrens family dentist Oakleigh melbourne young child

First dentist visit

When should I take my child to the dentist for the first time?

When their first tooth comes through is the time to come in. We like to see children early, so we can spot any early problems, but also so your child can develop a positive attitude toward seeing the dentist.

What will happen during their first visit?

We want your child to be comfortable and feel safe! We will give them a ride on the chair, ‘count’ their teeth, and reward them with a sticker for opening wide. If they are upset, that’s okay, because we can usually still do a check-up as they open wide to cry! We will also discuss oral health and diet with you and answer any questions you have.

Will my child get a toothbrush when they visit for the first time?

Yes, we have a children’s dental pack for their first visit.

Cleaning children and baby’s teeth

When should I start cleaning my baby’s teeth?

As soon as the first teeth come through, you can brush them with a small, single-tufted toothbrush or children’s toothbrush without toothpaste. (Too much fluoride can cause discoloration of the adult teeth known as dental fluorosis.) Once your child is a year old, you can use a smear of children’s or low-fluoride toothpaste. A little more toothpaste can be used once your child can rinse and spit.

When should a child be able to brush their own teeth?

This depends on your child’s confidence and ability. Either way, it is best to go over their brushing yourself while they are still young. Using a timer can help them brush for an effective length of time.

Common concerns

Should I be concerned if my child’s teeth are yellow?

It is always best to visit the dentist if you have any concerns. Milk teeth are usually whiter than adult, but can appear yellow for several reasons. Heavily pigmented foods (berries, soft drink, soy sauce) can cause staining, as can a build-up of plaque from not brushing regularly. Less commonly, a trauma to the tooth or mouth can damage the nerve and discolour a tooth, or the yellowing can signal dental fluorosis (damage to the enamel from too much fluoride).