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All On 4 Dental Implants Melbourne

Love your smile again with our revolutionary All On 4 Dental Implants Melbourne clients love! With only four implants per jaw, you can replace your missing or broken teeth with immediate permanent teeth.

The innovative All On 4 Plus dental implant treatment allows you to once again have teeth that function, feel and look like natural teeth.

Additionally, we personalise treatment to match your financial and dental needs, so you can achieve your goal of having permanent replacement teeth that will make you smile with confidence.

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What are All On 4 implants?

Since 1990, modern dentistry has used the All On 4 dental implant technique to immediately replace an entire row of teeth using four implants.

With dental implants applied using the All On 4 technique, patients receive:

  • immediate final teeth made from a high-impact acrylic compound
  • 4 titanium dental implants, with the rear implants, tilted at 45 degrees
  • complete dental implant treatment in 1-2 days.

Why are the rear implants tilted at 45 degrees?

The angle of the rear implants allows for the best possible support for complete integration into the jawbone (osseointegration). The angled placement also avoids parts of the jawbone that are of poor quality, allowing for better implant retention and strength.

All On 4 dental implant treatment
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So, what are All On 4 Plus implants?

Pioneered in Australia, All On 4 Plus is a unique dental implant technique. It includes several essential advancements that make it possible for more patients to have dental implants.

These patients may have been told they were not suitable for All On 4 treatment, but, due to the new innovations of All On 4 Plus, they can now proudly show off a full row of replacement teeth, supported by only four implants. . 

Essential elements of the All On 4 Plus technique.

  • Gum surgery and reshaping of the jawbone to allow for a flat surface for implant placement
  • Surgery to reduce or eliminate gum tissue shrinkage, which occurs naturally over time
  • Precise implant positioning, using highly specific All On 4 Plus protocols
  • Personalised immediate final teeth, built over a titanium mesh frame for improved strength, durability and precision. 

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How can I find out more?

Register at the All On 4 Plus website for free access to the patient booklet and watch the 60-minute webinar to learn about the treatment, benefits, and suitability for your dental needs.

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Visit the All On 4 Plus website to register for FREE ACCESS to the Unrestricted patient booklet.

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Visit the All On 4 Plus website to register for FREE ACCESS to the 60-minute information webinar.

Register at All On 4 Plus to learn more

We are an official All On 4 Plus Premium Provider

Our Oakleigh dental practice is an All On 4 Plus Premium Provider. This accreditation acknowledges that our dental surgeons have shown high levels of knowledge and skills in performing the All On 4 Plus dental implant procedure.

The Premium Provider status also recognises the ongoing use of the latest technology and materials, enabling each patient to attain the best outcome in permanent replacement teeth.

Dentists at our practice have undertaken additional training with Dr Alex Fibishenko, who designed and implemented the All On 4 Plus treatment protocols.

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Who should consider All On 4 dental implant treatment?

All On 4 Plus treatment considers a range of patient complexities. If you have any of the following conditions, you may be suitable for All On 4 Plus dental implants:

  • broken-down or worn teeth
  • significant tooth decay
  • difficulties in chewing and talking
  • damaged teeth due to gum disease
  • numerous missing teeth
  • failed root canal treatments.

You may be presently wearing dentures and want a more permanent alternative. All On 4 Plus dental implants could be the right solution for you.

For our team of trained dentists to confirm you as a suitable candidate for All On 4 Plus dental implant treatment, you need to be in good general health.

Additionally, your jawbones need to function well, with adequate supporting structure. We’ll assess jawbone density & strength using detailed scanning techniques. Together with the images, we’ll discuss your needs to determine if All On 4 Plus dental implants are right for you.

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The benefits of All On Four Plus implants

When you have All On 4 Plus dental implants, you may experience some, many or all of the following benefits:

  • improvements in general oral health
  • more precise speech and sounds
  • at-home care is easy
  • a quicker healing process
  • quicker treatment and recovery time compared to conventional implants
  • more affordable than traditional implants
  • being able to love your smile again
  • better and more functional chewing process
  • eating your favourite foods again
  • no more infections from rotten teeth
  • permanent replacement teeth, unlike removable dentures. 

All On 4 Plus advantages

All On 4 Plus dental implant treatment provides the same benefits to patients as those from All On 4 treatment.

Some patients may have been told they were unsuitable candidates for All On 4 Plus treatment. However, due to the innovations of All On 4 Plus, such patients can now enjoy the benefits of permanent, functional and natural-looking teeth.

The additional All On 4 Plus procedures allow for precise placement for maximum implant strength and retention.

The All On 4 Plus dental implant procedure

Because we are dentists who put our patients first, we’ll involve you at every stage of the All On 4 Plus dental implant procedure. So let’s look at each step of the preparation process in more detail.

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step 1 initial examination All On 4 implant

Step 1: Consultation & examination

We’ll start the process with a general examination. We want to make sure dental implants are right for you, so we will look at your gums, jawbones and teeth. 

Our dental clinic has the latest in technology, including a CBCT scanner. This specialised dental imaging tool uses 3D X-rays and CT scans to give us detailed information. We use the information to help plan for optimal dental implant surgery. Additionally, the images allow us to assess your jaw and teeth for the suitability of receiving dental implants.

During this appointment, we’ll discuss the benefits and potential risks of dental implant surgery using the All On 4 Plus protocols. Then, if we mutually agree that this is the best course of treatment, we will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan. We’ll also provide a quote at this appointment.

The plan and quotation will assist you in making a considered decision. Before agreeing to the treatment, you can even discuss the options with your family.

step 2 scans All On 4 dental implant

Step 2: Treatment design and coordination

Upon agreeing to proceed, we will nominate a treatment coordinator. This person will be your first point of contact for any queries. The coordinator is also responsible for all arrangements throughout the treatment process, such as arranging any necessary tests before surgery and any prescription medication needed.

When we set a date for your implant surgery, you’ll need to come in for photographs and impressions.

Using digital smile design is a crucial part of this step. Because dental implants will also change the appearance of your smile, we will jointly choose the colour and shape of your new teeth. We encourage your feedback as we keep you at the centre of everything we do. We are your partners in getting you used to having a beautiful smile again.

Together with the imaging and scans from Step 1, we will plan for the most precise implant positions for surgery. Our efforts at this stage ensure a personalised All On 4 Plus procedure for the best possible result.

step 3 smile design surgery

Step 3: Surgery

Our dentists with All On 4 Plus Premium Provider accreditation will perform your surgery.

The treatment plan confirmed during Step 2 will tell us if you need jawbone reshaping or teeth extractions before implant insertion. The plan will also detail precise implant angles and locations.

Based on your preferences and our recommendation, we will use sedation or general anaesthetic during the surgical procedure. We will use dissolvable sutures to close the wounds made during the surgery and take impressions once we have inserted the implants.

To ensure a quick recovery with minimal side effects, we will monitor all aspects of your vital functions and anaesthetic delivery.

After a few hours, we’ll undertake a same-day try-in. We want to compare the digital design with the actual result. We can make final adjustments before producing the replacement teeth components if necessary.

We will provide care instructions for you to follow at home, and we’ll see you at the dental clinic the next day.

step 4 completed smile permanent teeth All On 4 dental implant

Step 4: Your permanent teeth

We apply your permanent replacement teeth across the four implants.

You’ll be keen to see your renewed smile at the end of your time in the dental chair. We take great pride in every dental implant procedure we do, and we’re so pleased you’ve chosen us to perform your All On 4 Plus procedure.

Extractions (if needed)

Some patients may have infected or rotten teeth. These teeth need to be removed before implant surgery begins. Sometimes we can extract the teeth during the implant surgery.

How much do All On Four Plus dental implants cost?

As each patient has individual complexities, there is no one fixed price for All On 4 Plus treatment. Our Oakleigh dental practice offers payment plans, so that you can manage the All On Four implants cost on terms that suit you.

Three reasons to choose us for All On 4 Plus dental implants 

1: Expertise

Our Principal Dentist Ron Patel works in partnership with Dr Alex Fibishenko for our All On 4 Plus procedures. A dedicated dental implant surgeon, he pioneered the All On 4 Plus dental implant procedure in Australia.

Our clinic is an All On 4 Plus Premium Provider, which gives our patients peace of mind, knowing they will receive the highest quality and service during the All On 4 Plus dental implant process.

2: Extended services

The All On 4 Plus training means patients can receive additional dental procedures during the All On 4 process.

These procedures include bone grafting or soft tissue repositioning and insertion of an extra implant if needed.

Additional All On 4 Plus dental implant procedures aim to improve the longevity of your implants, and to maintain maximal function.

3: Comfort & technology

We undertake all treatments in the comfort and familiarity of our Oakleigh dental clinic, with the latest in scanning and general dental technology at our fingertips.

There is no need to go to external locations for any scans.

FAQs About All On 4 Dental Plus Implants

Are there any risks with All On 4 or All On 4 Plus dental treatment?

With an overall success rate of over 98%, the All On 4 implant procedure has few risks. However, risks exist for any kind of dental surgery, and we’ll explain and define them before agreeing on the treatment.

How long do All On 4 dental implants last?

Each All On 4 Plus dental implant should last at least 20-25 years. However, with regular dental care and attention, any dental implant should last a lifetime.

Is it likely my All On 4 implants will fail?

On average, there’s a failure rate of less than 0.5% of implants affixed following the All On 4 or All On 4 Plus procedure. So in modern dentistry, we view this as a very low risk.

If an implant fails, it’s because the titanium implant doesn’t fuse to the bone. This is called osseointegration. Global dental evidence, supported by our own clinical results, states that implants attached to the bone after a second round have a higher chance of osseointegration.

What happens if my All On 4 dental implants have failed?

You’ll need to contact us straight away to arrange a detailed examination, if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Pronounced pain or discomfort
  • Severe inflammation or swelling of gum tissue
  • A loose implant, which may move in the mouth.

We don’t expect patients to experience the above symptoms because of the very high success rate.

What is All On 4 Plus?

All On 4 Plus is a method of applying All On 4 dental implants while performing additional procedures designed to maximise the longevity of the implants.

We engage Dr Alex Fibishenko, pioneer of this method in Australia, to treat patients needing All On 4 Plus.

Additional All On 4 Plus procedures include bone grafts, soft tissue repositioning and applying additional implants. We can also upgrade existing replacement teeth with a porcelain or zirconia compound to improve strength and durability.

For patients with poor upper jawbone quality, the All On 4 Plus technique allows for zygomatic implants to be affixed. These are longer than traditional titanium dental implants, meaning they can connect with higher-quality bone tissue in the cheekbone.

All On 4 Plus dental implants improve the longevity of implants. They also aim to improve how your teeth and mouth look and function.

Am I suitable for All On 4 or All On 4 Plus dental implants?

People can receive All On 4 treatment for dental implants if:

  • remaining teeth are damaged by gum disease (periodontitis)
  • they’ve had a failed root canal
  • crowns or bridges have failed
  • teeth have severe decay.

At our Oakleigh dental clinic, we will thoroughly examine all patients before making a final decision. We’ll also use scans to determine if you have sufficient bone in your upper or lower jaw, so the implants will take. 

Will I need extra check-ups for All On 4 implants?

Our dental hygienist will perform a scheduled clean every six months, with an annual appointment to provide a more in-depth clean.

Additionally, we use X-rays to monitor the progress of the implants. First, we scan after 12 months, then every five years after that.

I have diabetes. Can I receive All On 4 dental implants?

As long as the patient’s diabetes is under control, we can fit All On 4 implants. However, the diabetic patient may need extra pre- and post-implant care.

Can I still smoke when I’ve had All On 4 dental implants?

Because some compounds in tobacco smoke cause blood vessels to constrict, smoking can cause dental implant failure. Constricted (tightened) blood vessels must work harder to feed the tissue and remove cellular waste.

These results may cause the gum tissue to become less healthy, which is not an optimal situation for implants.

We recommend giving up smoking for at least four weeks after surgery, to allow the implant the best chance of fusing to the bone. (This is called osseointegration).

We can advise you on smoking cessation supports if you think you may need help in this area.

How long is the recovery from All On 4 dental implants?

Expect a week for bruising and swelling around the implant area to subside. Typically, you’ll see the most swelling and bruising on the third day after surgery. From then, the healing process becomes quite quick.

For 2-3 weeks after surgery, we recommend you don’t participate in strenuous physical activity.

From end to end, a complete recovery from All On 4 surgery using four implants in each jaw takes about six months.

We will provide you with full instructions to aid your recovery.

What are some other names for All on Four implants?

Some people may call All On 4 or All On 4 Plus dental implants other phrases, such as All In 4, All-On-Four, All-On-4.

Other names for this revolutionary approach to dental implants include:

  • 4 post implants
  • teeth All on 4
  • All 4 in 1 dental implants
  • Full-arch dental implants
  • 4 implants denture
  • All On 4 dentures
  • Hybrid All On 4
Is it hard to eat with All-on-4 implants?

It’s like having your own teeth, so you can eat much harder foods than you can with dentures. For the first four months you will need a soft diet.