Pola In-Chair Teeth Whitening

Pola In-Chair Teeth Whitening in Melbourne

If you’re looking to whiten your teeth up to eight shades brighter, the Pola in-chair teeth whitening system is an excellent treatment option for your smile. In just 30 to 45 minutes, we can transform your teeth with this cutting-edge technology.

The Pola technology targets stains and discolouration created from things such as cigarettes, alcohol and coffee to reveal a smile that’s whiter than ever. We use the Polaoffice+ system, the world’s fastest whitening treatment, to ensure our patients achieve brighter teeth in a short time.

Pola Office in chair teeth whitening at Oakleigh dentist in Melbourne gives woman whiter smile

Polaoffice+ In-Chair Teeth Whitening procedure

There are numerous steps to this in-office whitening treatment that our dentists will undertake to ensure you get the best whitening result possible.

Pola teeth whitening consultation

The whitening procedure begins with an initial check-up appointment to analyse the suitability of in-chair whitening for your teeth. We place your dental health first, so it’s crucial we have an initial consultation to ascertain your eligibility for treatment and the ideal whiteness of your teeth.

Preparation for teeth whitening

We begin the whitening process by identifying your current tooth colour and utilising the Pola scale to determine your ideal shade. We then analyse which of the multiple whitening products will produce the most effective result for your teeth. If you are predisposed to tooth sensitivity, we will prescribe Soothe for you to use you three days before your whitening appointment. Ensuring you there will be no discomfort is why it’s crucial to have a check-up appointment before receiving any cosmetic dental work.


Pola Office in chair teeth whitenening kit brighter smile dentist Oakleigh Melbourne

Pola teeth whitening application

When all the preparations are done, we begin the process by applying a thin layer of the whitening gel to the teeth. The whitening gel is then contained by whitening trays to prevent being diluted by saliva.

Processing time for Pola teeth whitening

Pola’s unique treatment formula utilises more active ingredients to trigger the whitening process almost immediately, thus giving patients a quick and effective result. The fast release of high levels of peroxide ions within the Polaoffice+ gel means that UV light therapy isn’t required to accelerate the whitening process. This treatment contains the fastest bleach available for brighter teeth while still maintaining oral health. The gel is left on the teeth for 30 minutes, then washed away to reveal your new smile.

Does teeth whitening cause any dental problems?

Polaoffice+ is an extremely effective formula that is safe for your smile and designed to protect your teeth, gums and nerve endings.

Side effects of in-chair teeth whitening are incredibly minimal, with some individuals experiencing slight sensitivity post-treatment. This side effect is temporary, usually subsiding within a few hours. However, in rare cases, this sensitivity may last a couple of days.

As a means of negating the likelihood of irritation, we apply a gingival barrier to the gums to help protect them before the application of the peroxide gel. This barrier ensures painless and safe results that are still just as effective. Neutral levels of pH and PDT help to reduce sensitivity and alleviate potential feelings of burning.

How well does teeth whitening by a dentist work?

With the increasing popularity of cosmetic whitening clinics and at-home teeth whitening kits, a lot of patients are conflicted as to the best route to take for bright, healthy teeth.

The main difference between in-chair teeth whitening and the non-professional alternatives is the level of peroxide permitted within the gels being used. Professional dental practices have government approval to use much higher levels of peroxide within their bleaching gels. This is because they are being applied by individuals with extensive dental training and experience.

The Polaoffice+ treatment uses a 37.5% hydrogen peroxide formula. In contrast, take-home products are only able to carry 10-25%, making it significantly stronger and more effective. In the care of a professional, you can ensure you’re getting the fastest and best possible result.

In-clinic whitening also gives you peace of mind as your tooth health is being cared for by a professional. The result you will get from an in-clinic whitening session will be much more effective than non-professional alternatives.

How to know if in-chair teeth whitening is for you?

Teeth whitening is the perfect treatment for those who are experiencing discolouration and desire a brighter smile. Individuals can experience stains and discolouration for a multitude of reasons. However, the most common are almost all linked to eating/drinking habits. Coffee, tea, red wine, spicy foods and cigarettes are all cited as having significant impacts on tooth colour and overall appearance. Other reasons to potentially seek out teeth whitening is to appear more youthful, look healthier and to feel more confident in your smile.

Why can only dentists use high strength whitening gels in Australia?

In Australia, the government health authorities want to prevent you from harming yourself or being harmed by others. Although hydrogen peroxide is perfectly safe when applied correctly, it can cause issues if applied to other sensitive tissues and nerves in your mouth. For this reason, the Australian Dental Association (ADA) has issued a policy that forbids non-professionals from utilising these high quantity bleaching agents, as a means of protecting Australian citizens.

Our dentists are highly trained and qualified, giving them the ability to work with stronger bleaching solutions. Their high levels of experience help give you long term results in just one session. Extensive training of oral health and years of in-clinic experience enables our dentists to utilise whitening products that are unavailable in cosmetic clinics or online.

Australian dentists have said they are worried by the number of people coming to them with chemical burns and ulcers after using teeth-whitening products they saw being spruiked by celebrities and influencers online.

ABC News website: Australian Dental Association warns of dangers of DIY teeth-whitening products by Iskhandar Razak

How much should a teeth whitening procedure cost?

The costs of teeth whitening differ depending on the individual, the current state of the teeth and the desired results of the whitening procedure.

As only trained professionals are legally allowed to use high strength whitening gels in Australia, there is going to be a price difference.

Upon your consultation, we will be able to determine how much your treatment will cost as we’re able to assess your oral hygiene. This will then inform your eligibility and the best Polaoffice+ solution to use on your teeth.

FAQs About Pola In-Chair Teeth Whitening

Is it possible to whiten your teeth in one day?

Yes, absolutely. The Polaoffice+ procedure only take 30 minutes in clinic.

How much can I whiten my teeth?

It only takes one treatment in clinic to whiten your teeth, however at times we will recommend patients use the Zoom at-home whitening kit to assist with results. In most cases the 30 minute Polaoffice+ procedure is more than enough to achieve the desired brightness. We place the health of your teeth at the top of our priority list, and don’t advocate for excessive whitening, as it’s not recommended.

How long does Polaoffice+ teeth whitening last?

The longevity of your treatment will depend on how you care for your teeth after visiting us. If you are consuming an excessive amount of coffee, tea, cigarettes or spicy food, you may find that your teeth will become discoloured again more quickly.