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Searching for the right Clayton dentist? Look no further than Station Square Dental. Situated just a 7-minute drive away from Clayton VIC, we offer a comprehensive solution that caters to every facet of your oral health. Even in an unexpected dental crisis, emergency dental services are also available.

From regular check-ups to pedodontist visits, we create a custom dental plan to suit you. Our unwavering commitment to care distinguishes us from the rest.

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Why Choose Station Square Dental?

What makes the best dental care? Station Square Dental uses modern techniques, and profound expertise, to offer genuine care for all patients. Being only a short drive from Clayton, we’re easily accessible for local residents.


Our Services

Choosing a dental practice goes beyond finding the right location; it’s about entrusting your smile to professionals who care. 

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Dental implants at Station Square Dental use the latest technology to ensure comfortability. In addition, these long-lasting natural-looking teeth, function and feel the same as real ones.

This modern procedure is transforming full mouth restorations. This option offers a solid, natural-feeling, set of teeth, anchored firmly by just four implants. It’s innovation, meeting necessity.

We customise your smile makeover to fit your needs, whether it’s small changes or a complete transformation, Station Square Dental crafts a smile that radiates confidence, character, and charisma.

Beyond the aesthetics of straight teeth, proper alignment is essential for oral health. With an array of orthodontic solutions – such as Invisalign – we ensure you a smile that’s as healthy as it is heartwarming.

For those facing major dental issues, we have the solution. Our comprehensive full-mouth treatment plan addresses every dental concern. Restoring functionality with aesthetics.

In our bustling lives, time is of the essence. With CEREC technology, receive a crown that is both crafted and delivered, all in a single visit. It’s the perfect blend of swift service and supreme quality.

Turn back the clock on teeth stains with professional teeth whitening. We use advanced techniques that over-the-counter products can only dream of achieving. Pain-free with stunning results.

From the little one’s first visit to the elderly, we provide dental care for every member of your family. With a team that exudes genuine warmth and understanding, your family is in safe hands.

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A quality Clayton Dentist isn’t a luxury; it’s a mere phone call away. Schedule an appointment at Station Square Dental and redefine your dental visits.

Station Square Dental offers expert dental advice and treatment plans that are just a phone call away. From emergency procedures to well-thought-out and customised plans, our state-of-the-art technology and expertise are the place to go.

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