Plenty of parking options in Oakleigh

Our dental clinic is located not far from the central hub of Oakleigh, so there are plenty of parking options available. Parking will never be a problem when you come for a visit.

  • A dedicated car park right outside our door. You can enter via Hanover Street or Burlington Street.
  • A 3hr free car park next door in Hanover Street, Oakleigh.
  • Oakleigh Central Shopping Centre parking just across the road in Burlington Street, Oakleigh. Free for the first 2 hours. Great if you want to keep your car in the shade.
    Note: this parking is intended for customers of Oakleigh Central, and we in no way endorse parking there if you are not shopping as well.
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FAQs About Parking in Oakleigh

How much does parking at Oakleigh Central cost?
Parking costs at Oakleigh Central Shopping Centre
Hours parked Cost ($)
0 – 2.0 hours FREE
2.0 – 3.0 hours $5
3.0 – 4.0 hours $10
4.0 – 5.0 hours $20
5+ hours $30

 *Credit Cards incur an 1.4% surcharge. 

This information was correct as of May 2020. To check current prices visit the Oakleigh Central website.

Is there street parking on Burlington Street, Oakleigh near the dental practice?

No. There is none close to the practice. All along Burlington Street between Hanover and Oxford Streets is a No Standing zone.

Further along Burlington Street between Oxford and Downing Streets here are several 15 minute parking spots.

As you travel further east along Burlington Street after Downing Street there is unrestricted street parking. However the adjacent industrial area ensures these parking spots are taken early each morning.